League Constitution

League Constitution


Constitution of the Mountain View Football Conference (January 2015)

Article 1 Preamble

  1. This agreement is made and entered into by and between representatives from Schools/Communities in the County of Mountain View hereinafter referred to as the “Commission”. The name of this association shall be the Mountain View Football Conference hereinafter written in the abbreviated form MVFC.
  2. In making this agreement, hereinafter referred to the Constitution, the parties hereto recognize compliance with the terms hereof, and that the development of a spirit of cooperation is essential for mutual benefit.
  3. This conference operates under the jurisdiction of the elected School/Communities authorities within the Conference.

Article 2 Objectives

Section 1: To direct and control Canadian Football in the MVFC so that the school boards and communities will regard this athletic sport as an educational resource to be encouraged and fostered.

Section 2: To maintain good sportsmanship, honesty, courtesy, and good-will within the communities of the MVFC.

Section 3: To plan competitive play in such a way as to cause no great interference with school attendance.

Section 4: To promote in team members and team personnel awareness that: athletics provide physical, social, and emotional values of great significance.

Section 5: To establish standards of supervision with respect to:

  1. a) Practices
    b) Discipline of teams
    c) Conduct of teams and spectators

Article 3 Membership

Section 1: Membership is made up of communities in south central Alberta.

Section 2: Any school/community desiring entry into the League must make an application in writing, by April 1st. A simple majority of the commission is required for approval of the application.

Section 3: The Commission will decide annual membership fees for each team by the April meeting. These fees must be paid prior to a team s first league game. Non-compliance results in sanctions as outlined by Bylaw 4: Section 4.

Article 4 The Commission

Section 1: Shall be the governing body of the MVFC and shall consist of two representatives from each school/ community member of the MVFC.

Section 2: The officers of the Commission shall consist of the Commissioner and Secretary-Treasurer.

Section 3:

  1. a) The Commission shall appoint the officers of the Commission. The term of office will be 2 years unless terminated.
    1) Voluntary resignation
    2) Removal by request of a majority of the Commission
  2. b) Terms of office may be renewed.

Section 4: Voting Privileges: Each member of the Commission shall be entitled to two votes. No proxy votes will be allowed. Additional coaching staff invited to any meeting may not vote on any question, however, they have the privilege of discussing and advising, if necessary, their accredited Commission members. The Commissioner will not vote on any motion unless in the event of a tie.

Article 5 Duties of Officers

Section 1 General:

  1. a) To have charge of general business of the Commission.
    b) To adhere strictly to the Constitution and to peruse the policies laid down by the resolutions past at the general meeting of the Commission.
    c) To rule on situations not specifically covered by the Constitution.

Section 2: The Commissioner:

  1. a) To preside at the general meetings of the Commission.
    b) To represent the Commission in contacting and meeting various associations and the public.
    c) To exercise their authority to enquire in any matter pertaining to the affairs of the MVFC and to report to the Commission. They may ask any representative to attend any meeting.
    d) To prepare an agenda for the annual general meetings to be sent to all MVFC representatives.
    e) To make the necessary arrangements and send notices of all special and general meetings.

Section 3: The Secretary-Treasurer

  1. a) The secretary shall distribute minutes of all meetings of the Commission to the Commission and all member teams no later than 14 days after such meetings.
    b) The Secretary-Treasurer shall administer all accounting for the Commission.
    c) The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for preparing a financial statement for approval by the Commission at each annual meeting.

Article 6 Meetings

Section 1: The Commission shall meet two times per year in the spring and the fall.
Section 2: Other meetings may be called at the discretion of the commissioner or by the Commission.
Section 3: The MVFC Commission members shall not meet on a Sunday.
Section 4: The quorum for a meeting shall be a simple member majority of the Commission.

Article 7 Order of Business

Section 1:
a) Approval of agenda
b) Approval of minutes of last meeting
c) Business arising from the minutes
d) Reading of correspondence
e) Financial Report
f) Notices of motion
g) Unfinished business
h) New business
i) Adjournment

Article 8 Amendments

Section 1: Any notice of motion to amend the Articles of By-laws of the Constitution must be sent to the Commissioner in writing 21 days in advance of the date of the meeting. The Commissioner must advise all members at least one week in advance of this meeting in which the notice of motion is to be dealt with.

Section 2 Voting on amendments to the Constitution shall be by simple majority.

Article 9 Activities

Section 1: Football activities over which the MVFC assumes control shall be governed by the Bylaws or other motions passed by the Commission.

MVFC Bylaws

By-law 1 Game Procedures

Section 1: Officials must be on the field in sufficient time to check timekeepers, box and chain crew, game ball, and the meeting of the captains.

Section 2:

  1. a) Home team to be responsible for emergency medical aid, which is to be available at all games.
    b) Team coaches to be responsible for the conduct of their team members on and off the field during any competition.
    c) If there should occur a dispute or protest during or after a scheduled league game, a letter from the teams or head referee concern shall be delivered to the Commissioner within 48 hours of the conclusion of the game in which the protest arises.
    d) Team line-ups shall be made available to all league teams at least one week prior to the commencement of the league schedule. The provision of team line-up shall be provided by notice, in writing, to other teams.

Section 3:

  1. a) The rules governing the Canadian Amateur Football Association will apply at all times except for special changes allowed for by the Commission.
    b) In cases where the end zone is less than the regulation 25 yards, the laws pertaining to single points shall be amended to permit the scoring of the single point if the punt or the missed field goal land beyond the end zone.

By-Law 2 Timing

Section 1:

  1. a) The home team will be responsible for supplying competent, adult timekeepers with instructions on game timing procedures.
    b) There shall be a 30 minute warm-up before play commences.
    c) Time shall consist of, 4 -20 minutes quarters running time, with the last 3 minutes in each half being stop time.
    d) During Stop time the clock will stop at the following times:
    i) Change in possession of the ball
    ii) Upon a team scoring any point
    iii) When play is whistled down and a penalty flag has been thrown
    iv) When an injury time-out is signaled by an official
    v) Any forward incomplete pass
    vii) When the ball is out of bounds
    viii) Any first down made
    ix) At the three-minute whistle before each half concludes
    x) During any time out as provided by the By-Laws

Section 2: Time Outs

  1. a) There shall be two time-outs, per team, per half.
    b) Any player on the field may request a time-out, but such requests must be made between the time the ball becomes dead and before it is put back into play.
    c) Time-outs cannot be accumulated from one half to the next half.

By-Law 3 Eligibility

Section 1: An athlete eligible for play in the MVFC will be a fulltime student in grade 9-12. Grade 12 students must be under the age of 19 as of Nov 1 of the current football season.

By-Law 4 Registration of Players

Section 1: The head coach of each team shall be responsible for signing the Registration-Eligibility list. The onus of conforming eligibility requirements rests with the coach.

Section 2: The Registration-Eligibility lists shall state the following:

  1. a) Name (in alphabetical order)
    b) Birthdate
    c) Grade

Section 3:

  1. a) All player Registration-Eligibility lists must be in the hands of the commissioner by the end of Sept of that football season.
    b) Names of additional players must be in the hands of the Commissioner prior to the first game in which the players play.

Section 4: Non-compliance with any of the Eligibility-Registration requirements will result in a 1 0 loss for the violating team for each game it wins in which an ineligible player plays.

Section 5: Rosters shall be submitted to the opposing teams head coach at least 24 hours prior to game time, with the following information.

    1. a) Numbers (in numerical order)
      b) Names
      c) Position
      d) Grade

By-Law 5 Team Competition and Player Participation

Section 1: No student playing in the MVFC shall be permitted to play for an outside football team during the MVFC season of play.

Section 2: Officials must report in writing all misconduct s to the Commissioner. Contact with the Commissioner must be made within 48 hours.

Section 3: The Commissioner may suspend a player or coach in the event of an infraction. The offending party will be notified of suspension within 48 hrs, after the infraction has been reported to Commissioner.

        1. a) Rough play with the intent to injure (punching, kicking, etc.) will automatically result in a one game suspension (to be served the following game).
          b) In the case of a subsequent suspension, the player will be suspended for two additional games.
        2. c) For abuse towards Officials or Spectators.

Section 4:
a) In the event of one team s defaulting a league game the opposing team shall be awarded a 1-0 win and the team defaulting shall report to the Commissioner.

        1. b) In the event of inability to play a league game, a ruling shall be obtained from the Commissioner after consultation with the coaches, the date shall be set for replay.

By-Law 6 Schedules

Section 1:
a) The commission will annually produce a league schedule. The schedule shall enable the MVFC to determine league playoff standing at each tier level.

Section 2:
a) League standings shall be determined by:

Total points for and against shall determine the final standings of the League in case of a tie. Initially, only those points obtained in the games between the tied teams (Head to Head) shall be used. If teams are still tied, then points for and against in all games shall be used. If a tie is still in effect, a coin toss (Commissioner) shall determine.

Section 3: The commission will annually produce a playoff schedule.

        1. a) The first place team plays the fourth place team.
        2. b) The second place team plays the third place team.
        3. c) The respective winners play off for the league championship.
        4. d) The semi-final games are hosted by the teams finishing in first and second place.
        5. e) The championship played will be at the home of the remaining team with the highest league standing.

Section 4:
a) In case the championship (or playoff) game cannot be played due to inclement weather, the following procedure will be used to decide the champions.

        1. Reschedule the game within one week with date and time to be established by the Commissioner.
        2. If the game cannot be played within the one week above, the champion shall be declared by league point standings.

Section 5:

        1. a) In the case of a tie in a play-off game the following will apply:
        2. There shall be a five (5) minute break at the conclusion of the regular game.
        3. There shall be two five (5) minute overtime quarters (sudden death).

iii. A coin toss shall determine the choice of kickoff and ends to begin the first overtime quarter.

        1. At the conclusion of the first overtime quarter, the teams shall change ends without a kickoff.
        2. The last minute of each overtime quarter shall be stop time.
        3. Each team is allowed one-60 second time-out per overtime quarter, which shall not be cumulative.

vii. If the game is still tied after this first ‘overtime half’, for all subsequent ‘overtime halves’ procedures ‘a’ through ‘f’ shall be repeated except kickoff and receiving are reversed (i.e. no coin toss). The game ends upon either team scoring one or more points on a drive (sudden death).